An organization enabling large healthcare benefits to consumers through online and offline service offerings. We engage some of the country's finest talent in technology, product development and consumer understanding.

Headed by: Ketan Raiyani - a Chartered Accountant and a Management graduate. Has held many key corporate positions before venturing on his own. A technology enthusiast, Ketan has had various successes under his belt the last being Taxsmile.com- India's first & premier tax management portal.


medeCure would become the most premier and preferred enabling platform on healthcare. Supporting consumer needs on credible information, optimised costs, provider accessibility and holistic health management.


medeCure would offer an array of offline and online services/product which would enable a consumer to a more optimized, accessible, informed and monitored health care.

Consumer Commitment

medeCure is highly committed to quality in all that they do - product / services or plain information. It engages some of the finest talent in the industry to make sure that all application is an error proof your data confidentiality is mentioned and the information that you have is correct.