About medeCure
1What is medeCure?
medeCure is a leading consumer-centric health portal, where users can interact with qualified Doctors and other community members. On the portal medecure.com you can do the following:
Live Chat with your Doctors online
Get Specialist Opinion on your Health problems
Online Scheduling of Appointments
2What is the difference between medeCure and other healthcare websites?
We focus on connecting patients and doctors online. medeCure believes that the patient/doctor relationship is the cornerstone of good healthcare, and that finding the 'right' doctor makes all the difference in the world. Our goal is helping patients find the right doctor for their healthcare needs.
3Why use medeCure instead of a hospital website to find doctors?
medeCure is a better way to search for doctors because we give you more choices and more information. Using medeCure, you can search doctors at multiple hospitals by specialty or condition without having to jump from hospital website to hospital website. We also provide articles by and about doctors; recommendations from other patients, and a scorecard to help you compare doctors.
Is medeCure responsible for the information or quality of care provided by doctors and hospitals listed in medeCure?
medeCure is not a medical service provider nor do we provide diagnosis, advice or treatment of any kind. Information on this site has been provided by participating hospitals, doctors and 3rd party providers. medeCure is not responsible or liable for the information or care provided by any of the doctors or hospitals listed on this site. Users of the site are requested to visit the terms and conditions section for more details.
Registration Process
5Do I need to register?
Yes, registration is required to subscribe to any of medeCure services. Our registration process is one of the simplest on the Internet - it takes less than a minute. We respect your privacy - please read our Privacy Policy.
6What if I forgot my password?
You can retrieve your password which will be sent to your Email-ID. If you have any difficulty in retrieving password OR logging in, contact Customer Service at support@medecure.com . We are available to help you 24/7/365.
7I can't Sign-in?
To login, you will need to use your Email-ID and password that you entered while registering to medeCure. Registration is required before you can login. If you have registered and are unable to login, check your password. If you forgot your password, you can always generate a new password the clicking - Forgot your password link in the sign-in pop-up.
8What does medeCure do with my personal information?
medeCure collects and keeps user data to help us better understand who our users are, what they are looking for, and why they are using the site. This information will help us improve the functionality and usability of the website. We do not and will not sell or provide your personal details for commercial purposes. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.
Online Appointment Booking
9How do I book an appointment for myself/family members/friends with a doctor?
Please log on to www.medecure.com choose your doctor / location and follow simple instructions to book an appointment.
You may also call the Customer care +91 22 61709000 to book an appointment. Our customer care support team will take care of your appointment. Telephonic booking facility is available from 8am to 8pm. You can also book your appointment online, Appointments can be booked subject to availability of slot.
Ask Query
10How do I ask a question to the Doctor on medeCure?
Please log on to www.medecure.com write your query and choose the doctor to whom you want to address this query. All Queries posted by you are free.
11What if no one answers my Question?
This will never happen. medeCure Doctors are available 24/7/365.