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Are you aware about the Diabesity epidemic?
“If a woman's waist is greater than 35 inches and man has more than 40 inches and they often have a craving for sugar and refined carbohydrate, then they should have their checkup done for diabesity.”

“Diabesity” is a newly coined term in the medical science arena. It refers to a set of conditions that stems from the combination of obesity and diabetes. Some of the complications that encompass this term include- elevated sugar, blood pressure, as well as cholesterol. In simpler words, obesity with increased diabetes is called diabesity.

An alarming statistical figure that has caught the attention of many medical experts is that this health condition has affected more than one billion people over the last decade, which has undoubtedly reached an epidemic ratio that needs to be addressed at the earliest.A report by the Times of India states that India is gradually heading for a massive soar upwards with an estimating yet astounding number of more than 100 million patients in the approaching 20 years. Shocking, isn“t it?

Well, here is something to awaken you further; an estimated 80% of diabetes is related to obesity.

Know more about Diabesity!
Diabesity is medically defined as a metabolic dysfunction. This condition could range from a mild imbalance in blood sugar and could develop into full-fledged type 2 diabetes. It is a long-familiar fact that obesity is considered as the borderingrisk factor that could lead to diabetes. This disorder acts like a trickyinclination of health problems as it leads one into other health complications. Moreover, another shocking fact is about diabesity is that it is very commonly associated with infertility as an astounding number of 70% infertility cases have been reported due to this condition.

Key steps to help patients overcome diabesity:
1. If you are a patient with diabesity, be sure to get the right test done. Be sure to get an insulin response test as it is believed to be much more effective as compared to a fasting blood sugar test.
2. Start your healthy curve by eliminating sugar as well as processed carbohydrates. Ideally, you should opt for whole real foods such as lean protein, vegetables, nuts as well as health boosting seeds.
3. Considered as one of the best means of tackling diabesity, exercise could help balance your blood sugar as well as boost metabolism. Consider doing light exercises or walking for a minimum of 30 minutes per day for best results.
4. Try being more relaxed and laid back, as extended periods of stress can increase insulin resistance and bring about an imbalance in blood sugar. Consider taking up yoga or meditation to help you reduce stress and improve life quality.

Some of the other fatal conditions that are led on by diabesity include heart diseases, strokes, dementia, cancer, kidney failure as well as blindness. Alerting?

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Source: The Times of India
Written On : 03-03-2014

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