Role of Hygiene in fertility of couple

There is only a small difference between fertile ["normal"] couple and infertile ["abnormal"] couple, though the effective outcome is so depressing. Most of the couples at fertility OPs are absolutely normal not only by examination but also at their laboratory workups. Yet, their life styles and priorities given to hygiene and physical activities as also their food habits, have led them to delay in conception. Awareness and care taken in those lines from childhood, can prevent issues related to conception, potency and child bearing. Here are a few tips to a hassle free conception::

1. Cleanliness of private parts and toilet training in early childhood, not too enthusiastically though, can keep away male and female genital tract infections which lead to obstructions in the fallopian tubes, vas deference, testes etc.

2. Treatment of urinary, vaginal, penile, urethral infections as early as possible can prevent fulminant infections and scarring, as seen in people who have been too shy to disclose issues of their private parts.

3. At menstrual bleeds, avoidance of synthetic sanitary napkins, washing and tissuing of the pubis during every change of napkin, frequent change of napkins even if blood flow is less, avoidance of sexual intercourse without condoms etc, have given fruitful results, compared to others who have been careless. 

4. Avoiding unhygeinic sexual practices, use of unsterile foriegn bodies for sexual satiety and multiple sex parteners etc, have been proved to maintain an infection free life and thus fertility, preserved. 

5. Overcome "toilet phobias" and maintain bladder tone and genito urinary system hygiene by passing urine at frequent intervals and cleaning up the pubic area in every visit to the rest room, with clean mug, bucket and water, plus avoiding reuse of unwashed under garments after bath.

Thus hygiene plays a major role in fertility management and many couples have concieved just following these tips and probably, a course of antibiotics for both husband and wife, simultaneously.  

Submitted by : Dr. Jayanthi R, on 10-09-2015 12:52 pm

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