Weight Loss - Medically Guided Weight Loss Diet Plan, Treatment

Finally, you are in good hands. From the beginning to the end, every step is designed professionally, with YOU in mind. Once you sign-up, we will send you our comprehensive kit. We do not want you to take any chances by following a blind diet.
We study your lifestyle, sleep patterns, diet, exercise regime, hormone levels to suggest 
appropriate measures to lose weight. 
Our comprehensive weight loss, obesity treatment, diabetic management, high blood pressure control, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, heart disease, infertility, weight gain, programs consist of providing patients with customized diet plans according to their health and calorie requirements. The diet plan is drawn up after blood tests to investigate causes and complications of disease such as hormonal imbalance, high cholesterol, fatty liver etc. We also provide Body Fat Analysis, Dietary Counseling Sessions, Medical Needs etc for How To Lose Weight. Weight Loss Diet plans are changed weekly or bi-weekly according to patient's progress.
Step 1 : Sign up & Initial Visit
  • Record Your Medical History 
  • Test Blood and urine to investigate causes and complications of obesity , if any. 
  • Perform Body Fat Analysis , measure waist , hip and other measurements. 
  • Dietary Counseling Session
  • Explain the causes and complications of obesity 
  • Provide you a New Patient Package containing details about our program, lifestyle issues and other materials to promote a successful regimen for weight loss. 
  • Doctor will answer any questions or concerns that you may have. 
Step 2 : Third Week
  • Weigh-In & Consultation with Doctor.
  • Check Blood Pressure and Pulse.
  • Doctor’s review, answers any questions you may have.
  • Dietary modifications.
  • Check diet diary 
  • Medications, if needed, are added to boost the weight (fat ) loss program.
Step 3 : Every Month Thereafter
  • Weigh-In & Consultation with Doctor.
  • Check Blood Pressure.
  • Dietary modifications.
  • Check Diet Diary
  • Medications, if needed , are added to boost the weight (fat ) loss program. All the above is at one simple price very affordable. Our professional consultant will be with you throughout the program. You will have weekly access to our doctor and to your assigned professional. Your eating habits may change for the better, and you can keep your diet plan for years to come. 
Weight Loss Program Step by Step
  • We explain our program in depth. We know that you may have tried several diets. It is always the last 10 to 12 stubborn pounds. Our program will allow you to lose those stubborn pounds.
  • Medical Evaluation : Our medical supervisor will assess your health and confirm whether or not you are eligible for weight loss. If our medical supervisor deems necessary, you will be called in for a physician consultation. We need to conduct few tests for thorough evaluation of your present health status.
  • Blood Test : After you sign-up, You will receive a series of blood tests to asses your health. As we receive the results, the next day we forward them to our medical doctor.
  • Diet Consultation : Our highly trained wellness consultant will evaluate what you like to eat and your goals for weight loss. Our expert will then prepare your customized diet plan.
  • Start Losing Weight : By following our protocol, you will realize you will lose the pounds / kilos you want to lose, and you will feel better.
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