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Dear ,I am sorry to say that there is no cure as this is a genetic defect.god bless
Asked By : S**** , on 22-02-2017
Replied By : Dr. Debashish Dutta , on 22-02-2017
Kindly call on 9869035111
Asked By : N**** , on 12-11-2016
Replied By : Dr. HITESH SHAH , on 13-11-2016
Asked By : M**** , on 06-08-2016
Replied By : Dr. PUNIT S BHOJANI , on 06-08-2016
Hello Dear, yes BUSH is bloodless ultrasonic scalpel hemorrhoidectomy also called Harmonic hemorrhoidectomy. Yes it is done under anesthesia. A short 8 to 10 min procedure. There are no sutures or injections. Can help you only after consultation. Our helpline 98 33 55 08 58.
Asked By : P**** , on 02-07-2016
Replied By : Dr. PRAVIN P GORE JAIN , on 14-07-2016
Please come to our Bandra (W) clinic for consultation and proper evaluation for us to advise you further. Please call on 26452007 and 26452008 to make an appointment
Asked By : S**** , on 21-06-2016
Replied By : Dr. DILIP RAJA , on 28-06-2016
Fat cells harvesting along with Platelet rich plasma therapy offers hope. But success rate will depend on individual case. Send photo of your hair loss region for me to understand and what is your age
Asked By : m**** , on 11-06-2016
Replied By : Dr. V. M. PATIL , on 11-06-2016
Hello, Shivaji Pawar Its an unfortunate defect to have. But thats how it is. All u have to do is accept the fact. there is no treatment for this as it is a Genetic problem. U just have to take up a profession which allows u to work with this defect. Most professions will have no problem. But military, Pilots etc. are very strict . Best of luck to you.
Asked By : P**** , on 20-05-2016
Replied By : Dr. SANJAY CHAUDHARI , on 27-05-2016
I would be happy to help. If you could include the latest images of the X-rays I would be able to help better. Regards Dr Ritabh Chief Trauma Service Indian Spinal Injuries Centre
Asked By : A**** , on 23-05-2016
Replied By : Dr. RITABH KUMAR , on 23-05-2016