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What is an abscessed tooth?

An abscessed tooth is basically an infection that initiates within the tooth’s inner chamber and that gradually spreads to the root tip or around the root area. An abscessed tooth is a condition that mainly occurs only after the tooth has essentially lost the ability to fight off an infection, giving the harmful bacteria an opportunity to encroach and eventually multiply. The abscess is an extremely painful collection of pus that is made up of dead white blood cells, bacteria and tissue debris.

What are the causes of an abscessed tooth?

There are numerous causes that could lead to an abscessed tooth. One of the most common one is when the dental cavity turns that large and deep that it reaches the pulp chamber, which could lead to an abscessed tooth. Some of the other causes include an impactful blow to the tooth, a dental procedure such as a crown or a filling, or a trauma caused to the tooth on account of grinding.

What are the symptoms of an abscessed tooth?

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of an abscessed tooth include:

A severe throbbing toothache that is persistent

Sensitivity while chewing

Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures

Slight fever

A slightly swollen face or cheek

Swollen nodes under your jaw and neck

A gush of foul tasting and smelling fluid in your mouth (which usually occurs only after the abscess ruptures).

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