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Whenever you are experiencing some discomfort in the heart with chest pain, left neck, left arm or left shoulder, you could well be suffering from Angina. What is angina? When the heart muscles do not get enough blood supply, it causes chest pain which frequently advances to the arm, neck, shoulders and even face if not paid attention to.

Symptoms of Angina :

What you feel in angina is heaviness, tightening or squeezing and chest pain. The patient could also experience weakness, unusual sweating, shortness of breath and heartburn.

Causes of Angina :

The reason why one could be suffering form angina could be a coronary heart disease or coronary artery spasm. When the cholesterol level rise above the normal rate, it starts get depositing in the wall of the artery. It’s continuous piling up results in formation of cholesterol plaque. The plaque then causes coronary artery to narrow down (Arteriosclerosis) and thus coronary heart disease. Smoking, diabetes, and High BP are some other reasons for arteriosclerosis.

The muscle fibres surround the artery wall. These fibres could experience rapid contraction which causes spasm of the arteries. The spasm is responsible for reduced blood supply to the heart. The angina thus caused due to coronary artery spasm is called Prinzmetal or Variant angina. Prolonged use of cocaine is also one of the reasons for the chest pain.

Treatment for Angina :

Angina is a symptom that you could suffer from a heart attack in near future. So you should not ignore it and immediately consult a cardiologist. There are various treatment options available for such patients. They are rest, medications, angioplasty or an artery bypass graft surgery. But the cardiologist would be the best person to advice you which treatment you need depending on the symptoms, severity of the chest pain and the result of the preliminary tests.
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