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A condition in which you suffer some obstruction in the airways which carry air to and from our lungs is Asthma. Those people who suffer from such a condition are known as asthmatic. When the airways get swollen or inflamed, the chances of getting allergy increases manifold. The degree to which one could depends on factors like the extent of exposure to allergy, age etc.

Symptoms of Asthma :

Asthma symptoms include cough with or without phlegm production, wheezing which gets worse with breathing in cold air, heartburn, exercise. These symptoms might arise slowly but there are few signs which would give a clear indication that it is time to act immediately. The immediate symptoms are lips and face turn bluish, the pulse fastens, extreme shortness of breath, excessive sweating.

Causes of Asthma :

There are various triggers which could mark the onset of Asthma in any Asthmatic. They are dust, change in weather conditions, pollen, smoking, respiratory infections, chemicals in the air etc. even some non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs could be the reason for asthma onset. The asthma could attack anywhere from a few minutes to day.

Treatment for Asthma :

Asthma if the condition worsens would require immediate intervention of the doctor. He would use a stethoscope to listen to the lungs. He would try to hear asthma related sounds. Then he would prescribe some tests to get amore clear picture. These tests for asthma treatment include Arterial blood gas, chest X-ray, lung function test, and peak flow measurements.

The main thing to be kept in mind for treating asthma would be to avoid those things which trigger the symptoms and interfere with the smooth functioning of the lungs. The medication prescribed consists of two types of medicines; control drugs and quick relief drugs. If you have got a severe asthma attack, you might even need immediate hospitalisation and be put on oxygen immediately. It is strictly advisable that the patient should not take the asthma easily and always keep the medicines with him. Since it is incurable so the asthma treatment would require you keep away from the symptom triggers and to follow the medicine routine strictly.
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