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Whenever a woman undergoes breast removal or mastectomy, the next step in the process is breast reconstruction. The woman will get a breast which would look like real but there is no sensation. But it will definitely boost her confidence. A plastic surgeon through a series of surgeries would create a breast mound which is of the same size and shape as it was earlier. Not only breast, nipple and darker area around the nipple could also be reconstructed.

Types of Breast Reconstruction :

There are various ways through which breast reconstruction can be done. The most common and the most preferred is the saline filled implant. Even silicone gel implant is also common.

Causes of Breast Reconstruction :

Since we are living in a modern world, we always want to look better. If your breast size is less and it makes you feel low and hampers your confidence, breast enlargement is the answer to your problem. Performed under general anaesthesia, the plastic surgeon would make an incision and create space within the breast tissues. This is done for implanting the new breast which is put in the space created and then the incision is closed. But before going for breast enlargement, it is advisable that you discuss everything with the doctor and know the consequences of the same.

Treatment for Breast reconstruction :

The breast reconstruction surgery should only be performed if you have undergone mastectomy and not for lumpectomy. In breast lumpectomy, only a part of the breast which is cancerous is removed. The surgery could be performed right after the patient has undergone mastectomy. Or a two stage breast reconstruction process might be used.

The second stage is preferred because sometimes the chest wall tissues might be tight. So a tissue expander is implanted under the skin. Over a period of 4 to 5 months, the surgeon would keep you calling at regular intervals to inject a salt water solution to fill that expander. Once the area gets stretched, then the second surgery could be easily performed. During this 2nd stage, the implant expander is removed and a permanent implant is put in its place.

There are some other methods available as tissue flap procedures where the plastic surgeon uses tissues from your buttocks, thigh areas and tummy to build the breast mound. The plastic surgeon would not advise you to go for flap procedures if you are suffering from diabetes or a vascular disease.

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