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What is Carpal tunnel syndrome?

The space between the hand tissue and wrist is called Carpal tunnel. This space contains the median nerve that is responsible for hand movements. This ailment happens due to the compression of this space that results to severe pain even with the slightest movements. A range of genetic and environmental factors can be a cause for this ailment. Further in-depth study is conducted globally to get more information about carpal tunnel syndrome.

Expert orthopedics utilizes their skill to diagnose and treat this debilitating ailment.

Signs and symptoms:

Carpal tunnel syndrome is characterized by the following signs and symptoms.

1. Excessive tingling sensation between the fingers and the wrists.

2. Numbness for prolonged periods on arms.

The usual tests followed for this ailment includes electromyography, nerve conduction velocity.

Causes of carpal tunnel syndrome:

The following are the known causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.

1. Excessive typing and writing.

2. Use of vibrating tools.

3. Tennis players are known to suffer from this symptom.

The incidences of this ailment are higher among women between the ages of 30 to 60 years.

Treatment highlights:

The treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is as follows:

1. Recommendation of anti inflammatory drugs to fight the inflammation in the wrists.

2. Corticosteroid injections to prevent further depression.

3. Wearing splint and application of hot/ cold compresses.

Carpal tunnel treatments are administered by experienced orthopedics that has expertise in treating the syndrome.

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Dr. ANIL PATIL, Orthopedic Surgery, KANDIVALI EAST - Mumbai
Dr. ANIL PATIL - Orthopedic Surgeon D (Orthopedic) 6 years experience
Dr. NILESH C TALWALKAR, Orthopedic Surgery, ANDHERI EAST - Mumbai, BANDRA EAST - Mumbai, COLABA - Mumbai, GRANT ROAD - Mumbai, NEW MARINE LINES - Mumbai
Dr. NILESH C TALWALKAR - Orthopedic Surgeon D.N.B.(Orth), M.R.C.S.(Edinburgh), MBBS, MNAMS(Orth) 20 years experience
Dr. SHAH C.T., Orthopedic Surgery, GHATKOPAR EAST - Thane
Dr. SHAH C.T. - Orthopedic Surgeon M. S ( ORTHO ), M.R.C.S.(Edinburgh), MBBS, MNAMS(Orth) 41 years experience
Dr. SUDHIR THADKE, Orthopedic Surgery, MIRA ROAD - Thane
Dr. SUDHIR THADKE - Orthopedic Surgeon D.N.B., D.Ortho., M.B.B.S., MNAMS(Orth) 10 years experience
Dr. Anant E Bagul, Orthopedic Surgery, PARVATI - Pune
Dr. Anant E Bagul - Orthopedic Surgeon M.S., D.Ortho., M.B.B.S., MNAMS(Orth) 39 years experience
Dr. Rohit Luthra, Orthopedic Surgery, KONDHWA - Pune
Dr. Rohit Luthra - Orthopedic Surgeon M.B.B.S, M.N.A, M.S Ortho., N.D.B Ortho 12 years experience
Dr. DEEPAK PUROHIT, Orthopedic Surgery, PANVEL - Navi-mumbai
Dr. DEEPAK PUROHIT - Orthopedic Surgeon M.S. (Ortho), M.N.A, M.S Ortho., N.D.B Ortho 33 years experience
Dr. SIDDHARTH YADAV, Orthopedic Surgery, VASHI - Navi-mumbai
Dr. SIDDHARTH YADAV - Orthopedic Surgeon Fellowship in Joint replacement Surgeries (USA & Germany), M.S., M.S Ortho., N.D.B Ortho 6 years experience
Dr. GAURAV RATHI, Orthopedic Surgery, SATELLITE - Ahmedabad
Dr. GAURAV RATHI - Orthopedic Surgeon M.S, Ortho, M.S Ortho., N.D.B Ortho 2019 years experience
Dr. Milan Seth, Orthopedic Surgery, GURUKUL ROAD - Ahmedabad
Dr. Milan Seth - Orthopedic Surgeon M.S (0rtho)., Ortho, M.S Ortho., N.D.B Ortho 16 years experience
Dr. RAVI KIRAN, Orthopedic Surgery, BASAVESHWARA NAGAR - Bangalore
Dr. RAVI KIRAN - Orthopedic Surgeon D.N.B, M.S in Ortho, M.S Ortho., N.D.B Ortho 16 years experience
Dr. Deepak Sharan, Orthopedic Surgery, JAYANAGAR 4TH BLOCK - Bangalore
Dr. Deepak Sharan - Orthopedic Surgeon Dip. Ortho, DNB ortho, M Sc. Orthopaedic, MBBS (JIPMER), MS Ortho (JIPMER) 28 years experience
Dr. S. ANJAIAH, Orthopedic Surgery, KOTHAPET - Hyderabad
Dr. S. ANJAIAH - Orthopedic Surgeon M.S. ORTHOPAEDICS, DNB ortho, M Sc. Orthopaedic, MBBS (JIPMER), MS Ortho (JIPMER) 24 years experience
Dr. B.VALYA, Orthopedic Surgery, KPHB COLONY - Hyderabad
Dr. B.VALYA - Orthopedic Surgeon JOINT REPLACEMENt Surgeon, MBBS, MS ortho, MBBS (JIPMER), MS Ortho (JIPMER) 25 years experience