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Discomfort or pain which you experience in and around the chest ,neck, shoulders and back could be the reason for chest pain. There are various cardiovascular disease in which chest pain is a symptoms.

Some life threatening cardiovascular diseases that could show chest pain as symptom are :

Angina Pectoris : whenever there is imbalance between the demand and supply of the oxygen to the heart the problem which arises is called Angina. In Angina the blood vessels get blocked so the required amount of oxygen does not reaches the heart via blood and the patient experiences severe chest pain.

Heart attack : when the coronary artery which supplies blood to the heart muscle is blocked, it causes heart attack. The decreased blood flow in turn affects the oxygen supply and hence causes damage to the heart and there is pain in the chest. High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, family history could be some of the reasons which increase your chance of getting this cardiovascular disease.

Aortic dissection : the key artery which is responsible for blood supply to the major organs of the body is the aorta. What happens in aortic dissection is that a tear surfaces in the inner lining of the aorta. The result is massive internal bleeding and eventually leading to death of the patient. Uncontrollable blood pressure, age, high dosage of cocaine, pregnancy could lead to such a condition.

Pleurisy : when there is severe chest pain which gets worsened with breathing. The main reason is the inflammation of the linings which surround the lungs. This lining is called pleura. When the tissues get inflamed, it leads to severe chest pain and hence pleurisy. Sedentary lifestyle, irregular heartbeat, obesity, family history of blood clots increases the risk for pleurisy.

Causes of chest pain :

There could be various other reasons for chest pain. Chest pain could be caused due to some problem in the lungs, muscles, heart, esophagus, ribs etc. The nerve distribution system of a human body is very complex so there is no reason why not a severe chest pain originate from another part of the body.

Treatment for chest pain :

The treatment for chest disease depends from condition to condition. Your cardiologist would conduct some tests and would then suggest whether you would require a medication or a surgery would have to be undertaken right away.
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