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What are critical illness and injuries?

An illness or injury is classified as critical when the life of an individual is threatened without immediate medical assistance. A rapid and specialized response is often the difference between life and death.

Critical illness and injuries’ doctors often have the responsibility of stabilizing the condition of the patient and bringing them out of the danger zone. These conditions are often the result of accidents and advanced stages of fatal diseases.

Types of critical illness and injuries:

Some of the common critical illness and injuries are listed below:

1. Cancer

2. Heart Attacks

3. Liver Failure

4. Traumatic Head Injury

5. Third degree burns

6. Accidents

7. Loss of limbs, vision and speech

8. Lung diseases

9. Spinal cord tumor

10. Coma

Critical illness and injuries are often physically debilitating and result in death without proper supervision.

Treatment of critical illness and injuries:

The following are the treatment options conducted by critical illness and injuries specialist. Often, depending on the severity, unconventional methods may be devised.

1. Surgery.

2. Amputation.

3. Blood and organ transfer.

The prognosis of the patient may be improved depending upon the specialized treatment implemented by the expert emergency doctors.

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