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When the human body cannot regulate the blood sugar level, the patient is said to suffer from Diabetes. It is a life threatening disease which could occur at any stage of life. Certain other medical problems could also trigger diabetes in people.

Types of Diabetes :

There are two types of diabetes patients; the one whose body does not produce enough insulin (type 1 diabetes) or cannot use insulin (type2 diabetes).

Type 1 diabetes (T1D): the condition when body stops producing enough insulin to maintain healthy blood glucose level. T1D comes to notice either in childhood period or in older adults. Such patients have to be regularly on insulin treatment for their entire life.

Type 2 diabetes (T2D): when the body though generates insulin but it is not usable. More people fall in this category of diabetes. Change in diet, weight loss, exercise along with medication which might involve or might not involve are some of the ways by which it could be cured.

Gestational Diabetes: when the woman during her second stage of pregnancy, is diagnosed with diabetes, is called gestational diabetes. The women those who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes develop higher risk of getting type2 diabetes in later stages of life. Pre diabetes is another type. In such condition, the patient’s blood glucose level are though high but not yet high enough to be considered for diabetes.

Symptoms for Diabetes :

The symptoms for type1 diabetes surface in early childhood or even in adolescence. The general symptoms are urinary tract infection, viral infection. For the symptoms of diabetes type 2 ageing and obesity is the major culprit. There are some common symptoms for both type1 and type2 diabetes. They are continuous tiredness, unusual weight loss, excessive thirst, urination, eating, wound takes longer to heal, frequent urinary tract infections.

Causes of Diabetes :

Glucose is required by our body for carrying out various day to day activities. Whatever food we eat, the liver converts it into glucose which is then released into the blood. Insulin, this hormone is responsible for maintaining the blood glucose level in the body. This hormone is released by pancreas. When the patient has contracted diabetes, the blood glucose level remains high. So the body tissues are starved of the glucose for fuel thus leading to Diabetes.

Treatment for Diabetes :

It is very necessary for people to keep a close check on the sugar level, blood pressure, any wound in the body which is taking too much time to heal. Keep visiting the doctor for regular check up and follow his instructions religiously.
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