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Hair loss that is partial or complete is referred to as alopecia. This condition usually develops at a slow pace and may be patchy. Expert Trichologists state that losing up to 100 strands of hair per day is normal. Both men and women tend to lose the thickness of hair as they age. Also, not all balding is caused due to a disease. Some of the other common reasons that cause baldness include aging, heredity, changes in hormones, etc.
Pattern baldness is known to affect more men than women.
What are the causes of hair loss?
Family history- One of the most common causes of hair loss, it is inherited and passed down by one of both of your parents.
Excessive stress- Physical or mental including surgery, illness or high fever.
Chemotherapy- The powerful medicine that is known to destroy cancer cells.
Damage- Wearing tight braids, ponytails, or using too many styling tools.
Age- Growing older thins your hair and tends to break off easily.
What are the symptoms of hair loss?
The symptoms will depend on the kind of hair loss you have. However, some of the most common symptoms to keep an eye out for include:
Slow yet steady thinning of the hair, without your being able to notice the loss.
Shedding and gradually clumps of hair falling out.
Gradual thinning on the top of the head.
Circular or patchy bald spots.
Loosening of hair.
What are the treatments of hair loss?
Hair loss treatments may differ depending on the condition of the hair:
The doctor may suggest certain medications that will encourage regrowth or prevent further hair loss.
Trichologists may also suggest undergoing surgery that usually means a hair transplant.
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Dr. RESHAM VASANI, Dermatology, MATUNGA EAST - Mumbai
Dr. RESHAM VASANI - Dermatologist DDV, DNB, FCPS, MD 14 years experience
Dr. GAYATRI BHARADWAJ - Dermatologist D.V.D., M.D., FCPS, MD 24 years experience
Dr. GAYATRI BHARADWAJ - Dermatologist D.V.D., M.D., FCPS, MD 24 years experience
Dr. POORTI KOLGE - BADIA, Dermatology, MULUND WEST - Mumbai, THANE WEST - Thane
Dr. POORTI KOLGE - BADIA - Dermatologist D.V.D., M.B.B.S., FCPS, MD 8 years experience
Dr. SWAPNA S. KHATU, Dermatology, BHO - Pune
Dr. SWAPNA S. KHATU - Dermatologist D.D.V. (Dermatology), F.C.P.S., M.D., MD 10 years experience
Dr. K.R.CHANDVANIA - Dermatologist Diploma in Trichology, F.A.S.L.M.S., M.D., MD 37 years experience
Dr. SHUBHANGI V. MESTRY, Dermatology, VASHI - Navi-mumbai, VILE PARLE WEST - Mumbai
Dr. SHUBHANGI V. MESTRY - Dermatologist D.D.V., D.V.D., F.C.P.S., MD 14 years experience
Dr. SANDHYA PAWAR, Dermatology, JUINAGAR - Navi-mumbai, KHARGHAR, SECTOR 12 - Navi-mumbai, NERUL WEST - Navi-mumbai, SANPADA - Navi-mumbai, SECTOR 4-BELAPUR - Navi-mumbai, VASHI - Navi-mumbai
Dr. SANDHYA PAWAR - Dermatologist D.V.D., M.D., F.C.P.S., MD 21 years experience
Dr. Dinesh Gowda, Dermatology, R T NAGAR - Bangalore
Dr. Dinesh Gowda - Dermatologist MBBS DNB, M.D., F.C.P.S., MD 26 years experience
Dr. ARUN KUMAR .S, Dermatology, BTM LAYOUT IST STAGE - Bangalore, JAYANAGAR 9TH BLOCK - Bangalore
Dr. ARUN KUMAR .S - Dermatologist Mbbs Dvd Dnb, M.D., F.C.P.S., MD 16 years experience
Dr. Dr.A.Sukrutha Reddy, Dermatology, HIMAYAT NAGAR - Hyderabad
Dr. Dr.A.Sukrutha Reddy - Dermatologist Cosmetology, DD, DIplomy in Dermatology, MBBS, Trichology 29 years experience
Dr. Durga Prasad, Dermatology, MALKAJGIRI - Hyderabad
Dr. Durga Prasad - Dermatologist D.D., FAAD, FAIMS, FAMS, Trichology 28 years experience
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