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Every one of us has suffered heartburn at one point of time in our lives. A painful and irritation burning sensation in the chest or throat causes heartburn. It is a condition when the stomach acid which helps in digestion of the food backs to the esophagus. This back out occurs because the lower end of esophagus does not close tightly; and this could lead to heartburn.

Symptoms of Heartburn :

The symptoms usually show after one hour of the intake of the food. If taking antacids or drinking water do not lowers the discomfort, it is recommended to visit a general surgeon to find the exact heartburn causes. The worst scenario could be complete damaging of the esophagus which might result in vomiting with blood or small amounts of blood in bowel movement. If chest pain, dizziness, dehydration, unexplained weight loss; all are experienced along with heartburn, its’ high time that you should visit the doctor.

Causes of Heartburn :

There could be various reasons for getting frequent heart burn. Pregnancy, some medication, certain food might cause heartburn. When the abdomen comes under too much pressure, this could also cause the food to flow back to esophagus. Spicy, citrus food, juices, smoking, certain medicines could also trigger heartburn causes.

Diagnosis of Heartburn :

There is usually no need for any exams or tests, the symptoms make the condition clear but still there are procedures available. Gastrointestinal endoscopy involves the use of the camera which lets the doctor know of the extent of the damage done to the esophagus. An upper GI test would involve the patient to drink a liquid which would coat the esophagus and stomach. The exact picture of the inner system then shows up on the X-rays. If the results from endoscopy come out to be normal but the patient is still complaining of discomfort and pain, an esophageal manometry might be done to get further clarification.

Treatment for Heartburn :

The most common and most popular heartburn treatment is the intake of antacids. People for ling have been relying on antacids which either come as chewable tablets or are available in syrup also. But if you are suffering from any kidney disease, it is advisable that you consult them with the doctor, as most antacids are combination of aluminium and magnesium hydroxide. There might be some medications like blockers which could be prescribed and help in lowering down the discomfort. But if all the antacids, blockers and medication fail, the last thing for heartburn treatment would be a surgery called fundoplication.
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