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Your immune system is the defense barrier that protects you against common infectious diseases, keeps out bacteria and keeps your health in a great form. The study of immune system functioning, its physical and physiological aspects, its characteristics and impact is known as immunology. It is a vital part of medical science as it leads to a better understanding on how the body reacts to numerous ailments.

People who research and work in the field of immunology are known as immunologists. Consistent and in-depth research is an ongoing part of immunology.

An immunology doctor usually specializes in one or more than the following types:

The branch usually deals in the field of epidemiology and medicine. It studies the relationship between the body system and pathogens.

It refers to the study of immune system disorder and takes care of the malignant growth at the cellular levels of the body system.

It studies the body’s capacity to react to various ailments, according to age and other external factors.

The role of immune systems in combating diseases and disorders is studied in immunotherapy.

The specific relation between the immune system components help is diagnosing immunity related diseases.

The expert assistance of Immunology specialists is needed in the following cases

1. Immunodeficiency

2. Diabetes, type 1

3. Heart ailments

4. Asthma.

5. Rheumatoid Arthritis.

6. HIV, etc.

Make sure that your Immunology treatment is conducted by expert and experienced specialists for maximum benefit.

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