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Dr. Rajesh Birman
Dr. Rajesh Birman, Sexology, DWARKA - Delhi
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Speciality : Sexology
Area of Practice : Alcohol Smoking Drugs Deaddiction Expert, Andrologist, Mental Health Expert, Premarital and Postmarital Councelling, Sex Counselor (Pre and Post Marital), Sex Education and Awareness, Sexually Transmitted (Verneral) Diseases Specialist
Qualification : MBBS, MD, PG DIP(usg)-expertise in Penile and Scortal Doppler & Ultrasonogr
Language Spoken : English, Hindi
Practicing Since : 2006
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hi............Dr Rajesh Birman is one of best qualified sexologist in delhi. his treatment is very effective. i want to recommend this doctor for sexual problems.
November 01, 2013 | by manish satya
May 29, 2013 | by nitin goyal
Dr Rajesh Birman is good qualified doctor.
May 25, 2013 | by suraj
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Dr Rajesh Birman has very good knowledge of sexology. he is one of the most qualified sexologist in delhi. his treatment is very effective.  

by manish satya - (01-11-2013)

"me and my husband married for last 2 years and were not able to make proper physical relations. we spent approx. rs 70,000 in different hospitals and doctors, we were not benefited. then we came to know about DR RAJESH BIRMAN from one my family physician . on first consultation DR RAJESH BIRMAN told us that what ever investigation we will go, they will come out normal , but we force him to advise investigation. surprisingly all reports were normal. on second consultation he told us that "we are suffering from unconsummated marriage ,because of erectile dysfunction (psychogenic) ". then DR RAJESH BIRMAN explained sex therapy to both of us and treatment stated. u all will be surprised that with in three month we were maintaining normal physical relations with each others."JUST THINK*Why most of sex clinic in india are near bus stand and railway stations?*Why most of sex clinic in india donot mention name of Doctor and there qualification?*Why most of sex clinic in india give package treatment?* Why most of sex clinic in india talks about wrong sexual habits of childhood?* Why most of sex clinic in india says that they have there research medicine?BECAUSE WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN SEX EDUCATIONPatient should ask four question when he take treatment for sexual problem1 What is qualification of doctor?2 What is my problem?3 What medicine doctor is giving?4 Either the medicine has printed price and salt on it? SEX EDUCATIONThe first step in the treatment of any sex problem is education because in india formal sex education is not well stablish.BENEFITS OF SEX EDUCATION*Individual or couple can normalise their experiences *Person can reduce anxiety of sex by getting accurate information about arousal and normal sexual responses, dispel sexual myths and dispel unrealistic sexual expectations.*Person get good knowledge of anatomy of sex organs, menstrual cycle,pregnancy,puberty,masturbation,formation of semen,nightfalls,type of sex,stage of sexual intercourse,normal male and female sexual response cycle.  

by narender uppal - (04-11-2013)

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