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Speciality : Diabetology
Area of Practice : Type 2 Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes, Complications of Diabetes, Ketosis, Neuropathy, Diabetes Secondary to Pancreatitis, continuous glucose monitoring, Guidance on Cgms and Insulin Pumps, Insulin Technique, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (Gdm) - Counselling and Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy, Pre-Pregnancy Counselling in Diabetes, Smpg - Smbg Training, Post Partum Diabetes Prevention
Qualification : C.diab., D.diab., MBBS, MD(Med), MHSc. diab.
Practicing Since : 2008
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Dr. Amit Rajput, MBBS, MD (Med), MHSc, Diab., D,diab, C.diab., is a renowned diabetologist in Jalgaon. He earned his MBBS from Pune University/B J Medical College, Sassoon Hospitals and MD (Med) from Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy. Dr. Amit achieved his fellowship in Diabetes (C.Diab., D.Diab., MhSc.Diab.) from All India Institute of Diabets – S.L. Raheja Hospital, Mahim.
Dr. Amilt Rajput holds pride in being member of Research Society of Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI) and member of Indian Medical Association (IMA).
Dr. Amit Rajput has been practicing since 2008 and owns a diabetes clinic in Jalgaon. He welcomes the patients to a practice, where real care combines with experience to offer the best diabetic care. With his years of experience, he creates excellence in both diabetic patient care and clinical results and offers excellent diabetes treatment in Jalgaon.
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  • Diabetic Neuropathies : Nerve Damage of Diabetes
    Diabetic neuropathies, a family of nerve disorders, are kind of damages which occur due to high blood sugar levels from diabetes. People with diabetes can, over the time, develop nerve damage throughout the body. About half of people with diabetes can develop diabetic neuropathies.  
    By:Dr. Amit Rajput
  • Diabetes and Lifestyle
    In last 50 years, man has achieved success in the field of technology, science, medicine, etc. With modern technology, he has also adopted modern lifestyle.  
    By:Dr. Amit Rajput
  • Can Diabetes Be Cured?
    Diabetes, an insidious disease, cannot be cured completely; but it can be effectively controlled. People with diabetes can lead a healthy life if their blood glucose level is under control.  
    By:Dr. Amit Rajput
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