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Dr. MAYURI KELKAR, Obstetrics and Gynecology, N.D. PATEL ROAD - Nashik, NASHIK - Nashik
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Speciality : Obstetrics and Gynecology
Qualification : DGO, DNB, FCPS, MBBS
Language Spoken : English
Practicing Since : 2009
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Dr. Mayuri Kelkar, MBBS, DNB, FCPS, DGO, is a certified gynecologist in Nashik.  
Dr. Mayuri Kelkar holds pride in being associated with Ahura Maternity and Surgical Hospital, Nashik. She offers various services pertaining to obstetrics and gynecology.  Through the wellness techniques, she provides management of basic chronic issues like ovarian cancer, fibroids, ovarian cysts, infertility and other health-related of woman. She owns Kelkar Clinic and Ahura Maternity & Surgical Hospital.

Association Capacity
Ahura Maternity and Surgical Hospital, Nashik .20 patients
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  • Ovarian Cancer : Grow Your Knowledge Now
    Ovarian cancer, one of the most common cancers among the females, is a growth of cancer in different parts of the ovary. Every year, approximately 140,000 women die of ovarian cancer.  
    By:Dr. Mayuri Kelkar
  • Understanding Ovarian Cancer
    Ovarian Cancer happens when cells that are not normal grow in one or both of your ovaries. This cancer is often cured when it is caught early. Sadly, most of the time, the cancer can be detected when it has already spread.  
    By:Dr. Mayuri Kelkar
  • All you need to know about miscarriage
    After having miscarriage, if you experience the symptoms listed above, contact obstetric health care provider right away. The Obstetrician Doctor is the right person to guide you in emergency conditions and will provide suitable treatment.  
    By:Dr. Mayuri Kelkar
Had a really great experience visiting Dr. Mayuri's clinic, Shes is one of the very few doctors who give full attention
March 24, 2016 | by Mital
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