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Dr. Ashwin Porwal
Colon & Rectal Surgeon
Dr. Ashwin Porwal, Colon and Rectal Surgery, B S DHOLE PATIL ROAD - Pune, Tilak Road - Pune
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Speciality : Colon and Rectal Surgery
Area of Practice : Colon Rectal Surgeon & Proctologist, constipation, Fissure, Fistula, Hernia Surgery, kidney stones, Laproscopy & Piles & Urology, pilondial sinus
Conditions Treated : Cancer
Qualification : Certified training in advanced LAPAROSCOPIC & BARIATRIC Surgery, Diploma in LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY from EITS-IRCAD at Strasbourg University, DNB General Surgery at Poona Hospital & Research Centre, INDIA , MBBS from Government Medical College, Pune, Trained in PROCTOLOGY (Piles, Prolapse & Constipation) from World renowned
Language Spoken : English
Practicing Since : 2005
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Diploma in LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY & Trained in PROCTOLOGY (Piles, Prolapse & Constipation) from World renowned Colo Procto Surgeon Dr. Antonio Longo, Strasbourg University France & St. Elizabeth Hospital Austria, 2008



·         Performed the first S.T.A.R.R (Stapled Trans Anal Rectal Resection) Surgery in Maharashtra, in November 2009.

·         Highest in Asia Pacific for performing more than 300 S.T.A.R.R surgeries for chronic constipation, more than 500 MRI Defecography tests.

·         At present performing maximum number (more than 2000) of Stapler Haemorrhoidopexies in Asia Pacific per month. Performed more than 2000 HERNIA surgeries till date.

·         Performed the 1st MRI DEFECOGRAPHY test in Pune, a diagnostic test for Chronic Constipation. At present performing maximum number of MRI Defecographies per month in India.

·         Recently performed the first P.O.P.S (Pelvic Organ Prolapse Suspension) Surgery in the country in February 2013.

·         Healing Hands Clinic is a referral centre for complex high fistula, recurrent fistula in ano. Have high success rates of 95% for these surgeries. Have successfully treated complex Recto-Inguinal Fistula.

·         Selected among International Speakers in World Congress o Coloproctology in Rome, 2011. Presented a paper on Haemorrhoids (Piles) surgery & STARR surgery for Constipation in World Congress meet for Coloproctology in Rome, 2011.

·         Author for publishing paper on Clinical Research indication

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I would glad to recommend Dr. Ashwin Porwal at healing hands clinic for best treatment for piles. he is best doctor for piles.
March 10, 2014 | by Sunil Baloji
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I had undergone Stapler Surgery for Piles Treatment. I will suggest people suffering from Piles to take treatment under consultation of Dr. Ashwin Porwal. He is best Doctor for Piles and Constipation. I am thankful to all the faculty of Healing Hands Clinic  

by Saraswati - (28-11-2013)

I have taken treatment for fissure at healing hands clinic under consultation of Dr. Ashwin Porwal. He has given me treatment and now m living a happy life. My greetings to Dr. Porwal and his faculty members.  

by SunilS - (29-11-2013)

It feels horrible when your mornings are bad due to defecation problem. I had suffered from hard stools since many years on  

by SudhaU - (29-11-2013)

I was suffering from Piles. i have undergone stapler surgery under consultation of Dr. Ashwin Porwal. He is best Surgeon for piles. Thanks to Dr Porwal for his support.  

by prutha deshmukh - (25-01-2014)

I am a teacher by profession. I undergone Surgery for Fistula at Healing hands clinic pune. Under consultation of Dr. Ashwin Porwal I underwent Surgery, that was successful. About a year passed but i dont have any complaints after my surgery  

by Alka Suryavanshi - (20-02-2014)

Dr. Ashwin Porwal is best surgeon for hernia treatment. I undergone surgery under his consultation at healing hands clinic at pune, he is best at his work and very cooperative. thank you!!  

by Chaitrpali Karde - (21-02-2014)

I have read a article on newspaper for Dr. Ashwin Porwal. After, I consulted him and taken treatment for piles. I have undergone Stapler Surgery for piles at Healing Hands Clinic. I would offer my Thanks To Dr. Ashwin Porwal for his support and also thanks to all the staff of healing hands clinic.  

by Dinar - (26-02-2014)

I had got satisfactory service at healing hands clinic. Special thanks to dr ashwin porwal for his constant support at times of my surgery. Dr. Porwal is best Hernia Surgeon in Pune.  

by yogesh - (03-03-2014)

I had taken treatment for constipation at healing hands clinic. I am free from pain i was suffering after successful surgery. Thanks to dr. ashwin porwal.  

by Sangita - (05-03-2014)

I had been suffering from hernia from last 2 to 3 yrs. But before a month ago was in severe pain while defecation. I consulted to Dr. Ashwin Porwal, he suggested me stapler surgery for piles. My surgery was successful and given me like new life without pain. Thank You to dr. porwal and healing hands clinic.  

by Sunil Baloji - (10-03-2014)

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