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Ayurveda - is made up of two words, Ayu and Veda. Ayu stands fro life and Veda means knowledge. So, we could define ayurveda as Science of life and Holistic healing. It aims at two important aspects:
• To cure the sick people
• To promote healthy and holistic approach to life
Ayurveda treats every person as made up of five basic elements: water, fire, air, earth and space. Then ayurveda defines seven issues in the human body which are: plasma, blood, flesh, adipose, bone marrow and nervous tissue and reproductive tissue. Ayurvedic literature lays stress on measures aimed at promoting healthy living during the entire life. According to Ayurveda, there should be a striking balance between three elemental energies namely – Vat, Kapha and Pitta. If all these energies are in synchronisation with each other then a person would be healthy and any disturbance would generate disharmony and we would fall prey to some disease.
Ayurvedic treatment involves striking perfect balance between these elemental energies. Through this balance one could achieve a healthy metabolic system, good digestion, and proper excretion.
Specialities under Ayurveda:
• Internal Medicine
• Paediatrics
• Surgery
• Ophthalmology and ENT
• Psychiatry
• Toxicology
• Prevention of disease and improving immunity and rejuvenation
• Aphrodisiacs and improving health of progeny
Diseases and disorders:
• Aggravation of Vata: Joint pain, constipation, Insomnia, migraine, vertigo, tremors, migraine, memory loss, weight loss, muscle stiffness
• Aggravation of Cough: Asthma, cold and cough, chest congestion and complications, anorexia, obesity
• Aggravation of Pitta: Skin diseases and disorders, hyperacidity, GERD, liver disorders, sleep disorders, ulcers, fatigue, fever
Ayurvedic Treatment:  the main emphasis in ayurvedic treatment is to remove the root cause of the disease and not suppressing the symptoms. Ayurveda considers four factors important for treatments which are:
• The Physician
• The remedy
• The nurse
• The Patient
Panchkarma: is a treatment therapy for treating various diseases. The main aim of the Ayurvedic treatment is to remove the toxins accumulated in our body over a period of time. All the toxins could not be removed at one go as it would create various complications in the body. So healing is a long process.
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Dr. Abdul Hakim Nakhtare, Ayurveda, JOGESHWARI WEST - Mumbai
Dr. Abdul Hakim Nakhtare - Ayurvedic Doctor BAMS, PGDHA (Apollo) 9 years experience
Dr. ASHUTOSH NANAL - Ayurvedic Doctor B.A.M.S, M.D. 16 years experience
Dr. Kalpesh Wani, Ayurveda, NEW SANGVI - Pune
Dr. Kalpesh Wani - Ayurvedic Doctor B.A.M.S.(Ayurved Physician), MD (A.M.) 11 years experience
Dr. Nikul Patel, Ayurveda, MANINAGAR - Ahmedabad
Dr. Nikul Patel - Ayurvedic Doctor B.A.M.S.(Ayurved Physician), MD (A.M.) 20 years experience
Dr. KAMAL SINGH - Ayurvedic Doctor BAMS, CQMH (Apollo), MD (A.M.), PGDHA (Apollo) 12 years experience
Dr. Namamdra Sharma, Ayurveda, RESIDENTIAL - Delhi
Dr. Namamdra Sharma - Ayurvedic Doctor M.D. IN AYURVEDA, CQMH (Apollo), MD (A.M.), PGDHA (Apollo) 29 years experience
Dr. Nayana P, Ayurveda, SANJAY NAGAR - Bangalore
Dr. Nayana P - Ayurvedic Doctor B.A.M.S.(Ayurved Physician), D.C.G, Mastery of Yoga Teacher's Training Program, PGDHA (Apollo) 21 years experience
Dr. J.Swaraj, Ayurveda, ANNA NAGAR - Chennai
Dr. J.Swaraj - Ayurvedic Doctor MBBS, D.C.G, Mastery of Yoga Teacher's Training Program, PGDHA (Apollo) 36 years experience

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