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Cardiac Surgery Doctors (Cardiac Surgeons)

What is Cardiac surgery?
Surgery which is performed on the heart or great vessels by cardiac surgeons is known as cardiac surgery. Cardiac surgery for example coronary artery bypass is performed by cardiac surgeon to treat ischemic heart disease. Other than this disease cardiac surgery also treat valvular heart disease, congenital heart disease. If heart is fully failed; cardiac surgeon does heart transplantation.

Disease and conditions

Cardiac surgery can treat all kind of heart diseases like aortic transaction, aortic valve disease, aortic valvular stenosis, arrhythmia, ascending-descending aortic graft stenosis. Depending upon disease cardiac surgeon decides treatments for example doctor may suggest coronary bypass surgery for blocked and narrowed arteries in multiple areas.

Treatments and tests

Cardiac surgery includes all types of heart surgeries. Following are few types of cardiac surgery, which cardiac surgeon performs:

Open heart surgery:
open heart surgery is performed on the heart muscles, arteries or any part of cardiac system. Open heart surgery is only performed by cardiac surgeon.

Heart transplantation:
in case of severe heart problems like coronary heart diseases, which may lead to heart failure needs heart transplantation surgery. Cardiac surgeon transfers heart from donor site on the patient’s own body.

Coronary artery bypass:
It treats diseases like angina and decreases risk of sudden death by coronary artery disease. Coronary artery bypass is surgical procedure, in which coronary artery is bypassed by patient’s own arteries or veins from elsewhere are grafted to the coronary arteries to bypass atherosclerotic narrowing and improve the blood supply to the coronary circulation supplying the heart muscle.

When to call cardiac surgeon?

Cardiac diseases can cause sudden death if not treated or ignored. Our body always sends us signals to indicate severe diseases. Consult cardiac surgeon if you or your loved one’s show any of the following symptom.

• Chest pain with shortness of breath, excess sweating, nausea or weakness
• Increased heart beats - especially when patient is short of breath.
• Breathing problem which is not relieved by rest
• Fainting spell with unconsciousness
• Sudden weakness or paralysis (inability to move) in the arms or legs.
• Sudden, severe headache.

 Cardiac surgeon evaluates symptoms and decides best and suitable treatments for patient.

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