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Dermatology Doctors (Dermatologists)

What is Dermatologist?
Skin is our protection and it is very essential to protect our protection. Dermatology helps to take care of skin. It deals with skin and all types of skin diseases and disorders. Dermatologist is a medical specialist who can cure cosmetic problems related to skin, scalp, hairs and nails. Dermatologist helps you get flawless skin.

Drugs and treatments
There are different types of skin problems, which skin specialist decides treatments like if acne scars are too deep dermatologist may suggest you skin laser treatment or may recommend cosmetic creams. If patient is toddler then you may require pediatric dermatologist.
Skin specialists recommend medications like topical creams containing tretinoin (retin-A Renova, Avita), tablets, chemical peels or cosmetic surgeries to regain natural glowing skin. Dermatologist performs following cosmetic surgeries:

• Botulinum Rejuvenation
: Botox removes lines and wrinkles and make skin smoother. Most of the skin specialists recommend Botox to treat aging signs on face.
• Chemical Peeling: It removes aging signs by peeling away all the aging signs. After the treatment, skin heals fewer wrinkles, less discoloration, and improved texture may be seen.
• Dermabrasion: it treats Scars, primarily shallow scars resulting from acne, chickenpox, or an accident. It also treats wrinkles, especially deep lines that form above the lips.
• Skin laser treatment: skin laser treatment resurfaces damaged skin and gives new flawless skin. During the procedure laser works precisely on each damaged layer and removes it after this skin specialist enhances skin healing process, which gives you flawless skin.

When to consult dermatologist?
Consult dermatologist when you have any kind of skin problem which cannot be treated at home. If you have following diseases or symptoms, please consult skin specialist:
• Acne which pains a lot
• Deep acne scars and accidental scars
• Rashes
• Burns
• Leprosy
• Dark circles under the eye
• Dry, dull skin
• Fine lines
• Freckles
• Hand rejuvenation (age spots, loose skin, and lines)
• Redness and flushing
• Skin texture (treats roughness)
• Skin tone (treats mottled complexion and skin discoloration)
• Stretch marks
• Tattoos (removal)
• Unwanted hair
• Wrinkles

Skin specialist gives you suitable treatment and enhances your beauty. Dermatologists are those magicians who can change an ugly witch in beautiful Cinderella.
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Dr. RESHAM VASANI, Dermatology, MATUNGA EAST - Mumbai
Dr. RESHAM VASANI - Dermatologist DDV, DNB, FCPS, MD 14 years experience
Dr. GAYATRI BHARADWAJ - Dermatologist D.V.D., M.D., FCPS, MD 24 years experience
Dr. GAYATRI BHARADWAJ - Dermatologist D.V.D., M.D., FCPS, MD 24 years experience
Dr. POORTI KOLGE - BADIA, Dermatology, MULUND WEST - Mumbai, THANE WEST - Thane
Dr. POORTI KOLGE - BADIA - Dermatologist D.V.D., M.B.B.S., FCPS, MD 8 years experience
Dr. SWAPNA S. KHATU, Dermatology, BHO - Pune
Dr. SWAPNA S. KHATU - Dermatologist D.D.V. (Dermatology), F.C.P.S., M.D., MD 10 years experience
Dr. K.R.CHANDVANIA - Dermatologist Diploma in Trichology, F.A.S.L.M.S., M.D., MD 37 years experience
Dr. SHUBHANGI V. MESTRY, Dermatology, VASHI - Navi-mumbai, VILE PARLE WEST - Mumbai
Dr. SHUBHANGI V. MESTRY - Dermatologist D.D.V., D.V.D., F.C.P.S., MD 14 years experience
Dr. SANDHYA PAWAR, Dermatology, JUINAGAR - Navi-mumbai, KHARGHAR, SECTOR 12 - Navi-mumbai, NERUL WEST - Navi-mumbai, SANPADA - Navi-mumbai, SECTOR 4-BELAPUR - Navi-mumbai, VASHI - Navi-mumbai
Dr. SANDHYA PAWAR - Dermatologist D.V.D., M.D., F.C.P.S., MD 21 years experience
Dr. DEEPAK PARIKH, Dermatology, PALDI - Ahmedabad
Dr. DEEPAK PARIKH - Dermatologist M.D (skin and within), M.D., F.C.P.S., MD 27 years experience
Dr. BHARAT .N. SHAH, Dermatology, VASNA - Ahmedabad
Dr. BHARAT .N. SHAH - Dermatologist DDV, M.B.B.S, F.C.P.S., MD 36 years experience
Dr. Kiran Lohia, Dermatology, PANCHSHILA PARK - Delhi
Dr. Kiran Lohia - Dermatologist MD - Dermatology, Fellow of American Board, M.B.B.S, F.C.P.S., MD 15 years experience
Dr. Dipali Taneja, Dermatology, LAJPAT NAGAR - Delhi
Dr. Dipali Taneja - Dermatologist M.D, P.G.D.C (U.K), F.C.P.S., MD 14 years experience
Dr. Dinesh Gowda, Dermatology, R T NAGAR - Bangalore
Dr. Dinesh Gowda - Dermatologist MBBS DNB, P.G.D.C (U.K), F.C.P.S., MD 26 years experience
Dr. ARUN KUMAR .S, Dermatology, BTM LAYOUT IST STAGE - Bangalore, JAYANAGAR 9TH BLOCK - Bangalore
Dr. ARUN KUMAR .S - Dermatologist Mbbs Dvd Dnb, P.G.D.C (U.K), F.C.P.S., MD 16 years experience
Dr. BALA SUNDARAM M, Dermatology, ROYAPURAM - Chennai, THIRUVOTTIYUR - Chennai
Dr. BALA SUNDARAM M - Dermatologist M.B.B.S, P.G.D.C (U.K), F.C.P.S., MD 51 years experience
Dr. D Kamakshi, Dermatology, PORUR - Chennai
Dr. D Kamakshi - Dermatologist M.C.H, PGD Plastic surgery, F.C.P.S., MD 21 years experience
Dr. Rakesh Tripathi, Dermatology, SANTOSHPUR - Kolkata
Dr. Rakesh Tripathi - Dermatologist Fellowship HIV Medicine, H.I.G, M.B.B.S, MD 39 years experience
Dr. Dr.A.Sukrutha Reddy, Dermatology, HIMAYAT NAGAR - Hyderabad
Dr. Dr.A.Sukrutha Reddy - Dermatologist Cosmetology, DD, DIplomy in Dermatology, MBBS, Trichology 29 years experience
Dr. Durga Prasad, Dermatology, MALKAJGIRI - Hyderabad
Dr. Durga Prasad - Dermatologist D.D., FAAD, FAIMS, FAMS, Trichology 28 years experience
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