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Diabetology Doctors (Diabetologists)

What is Diabetology?

Diabetes is most commonly found disease. According to recent studies around 650 lakhs Indian citizens are diabetic. Diabetology is branch of medicine concerned with diabetes, different types of diabetes and treatment for diabetes. Doctors who specially deal with diabetes problems and give diabetes treatment are called as diabetologist.

Diabetologist diagnoses patients’ diabetes, what type of diabetes they are suffering, evaluates their symptoms and severity of disease and treat it.

Treatment and diagnosis
Diabeteas is diagnosed by testing fasting blood sugar level. Diabetologist evaluate sugar level by using glucose meter and other pathological tests. If fasting sugar level is more than 126 mg/dl and after meal sugar level is more than 200 mg/dl then patient is considered diabetic.

Once patient is diagnosed with diabetes diabetologist determines type of diabetes like type I diabetes, type II diabetes, gestational diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Depending upon its type diabetes specialist decides suitable treatment for patient. Although diabetes cannot be cured, it can be controlled and patient can live normal longer life. For each type of diabetics diabetologist give following treatments:

• Diet and exercise: diabetes can be controlled by controlling blood sugar. Diabetologist give diabetes diet and moderate exercise it helps to control sugar. It helps to control all types of diabetes.
• Medications: diabetologists may prescribe oral medication or insulin injections. Oral Diabetes Medications include drugs like Sulfonylureas,       Biguanides, etc.
• Insulin Pump - It replaces the need for periodic injections by delivering rapid-acting insulin continuously throughout the day using a catheter tube.
• Transplants for Diabetes - Pancreas taken from donors transplanted in patient.

When to call diabetologist?
Early detection of diabetes helps you to avoid worsening the symptoms and control it as early as possible. If you show following symptoms consult your diabetologist immediately:
• Excess of hunger, thirst, fatigue and urination
• blurry eyesight
• Fluctuating  blood pressure
• Muscular cramps
• Weight loss
• Nausea or vomiting
• Urinary tract infections

Other than these symptoms people with family history of diabetes, obese and poor diet are more susceptible for diabetes. If age of pregnant woman is more than 25, overweight, with high blood pressure and have too much amniotic fluid then she may get gestational diabetes. Hence, such people should visit diabetologist for every six months for sugar check-ups. Diabetologist is best person who considers all risk and gives suitable treatment.
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Dr. VINANTI SHINDE, Diabetology, MULUND EAST - Mumbai
Dr. VINANTI SHINDE - Diabetologist Diploma in Diabetology, M.B.B.S. 12 years experience
Dr. VISHAL CHOPRA, Diabetology, BANDRA EAST - Mumbai
Dr. VISHAL CHOPRA - Diabetologist M.B.B.S, M.B.B.S. 2015 years experience
Dr. DILIP B. SHAH, Diabetology, BHAYANDAR WEST - Thane, MIRA ROAD - Thane, MIRA ROAD EAST - Mumbai
Dr. DILIP B. SHAH - Diabetologist D.Diabetology, D.orthopedic, P.G. 3 years experience
Dr. Milind Thanekar, Diabetology, MANPADA - Thane
Dr. Milind Thanekar - Diabetologist M.D, D.orthopedic, P.G. 31 years experience
Dr. D N Hambire, Diabetology, Hadapsar - Pune
Dr. D N Hambire - Diabetologist MD Medecine, D.orthopedic, P.G. 2 years experience
Dr. CHANDRAKANT RAO, Diabetology, Fatima Nagar - Pune, Wanowrie - Pune
Dr. CHANDRAKANT RAO - Diabetologist D. Diabetology, R.C.P. (UK), P.G. 11 years experience
Dr. AMIT RAJPUT, Diabetology, JALGAON - Jalgaon
Dr. AMIT RAJPUT - Diabetologist C.diab., D.diab., MBBS, MD(Med), MHSc. diab. 7 years experience
Dr. MAHESH PADSALGE, Diabetology, NERUL - Navi-mumbai, NERUL WEST - Navi-mumbai, SEAWOODS - Navi-mumbai
Dr. MAHESH PADSALGE - Diabetologist M.D., D.diab., MBBS, MD(Med), MHSc. diab. 11 years experience
Dr. VINOD METHIL, Diabetology, NERUL - Navi-mumbai, VASHI - Navi-mumbai
Dr. VINOD METHIL - Diabetologist D. Diabetes, M.B.B.D, MBBS, MD(Med), MHSc. diab. 10 years experience
Dr. BANSHI SABOO, Diabetology, Ambavadi - Ahmedabad
Dr. BANSHI SABOO - Diabetologist M.D., M.N.A.M.S., MBBS, MD(Med), MHSc. diab. 27 years experience
Dr. NITESH PATEL, Diabetology, Satellite - Ahmedabad, Wadaj - Ahmedabad
Dr. NITESH PATEL - Diabetologist M.D., M.N.A.M.S., MBBS, MD(Med), MHSc. diab. 5 years experience
Dr. GAURAV SHARMA, Diabetology, Vasant Vihar - Delhi
Dr. GAURAV SHARMA - Diabetologist M.D., M.N.A.M.S., MBBS, MD(Med), MHSc. diab. 15 years experience
Dr. B.M. Makkar, Diabetology, PASCHIM VIHAR - Delhi
Dr. B.M. Makkar - Diabetologist M.D (Internal Medicine), M.N.A.M.S., MBBS, MD(Med), MHSc. diab. 27 years experience
Dr. Sangeetha Arivazhagan, Diabetology, Matadahalli - Bangalore
Dr. Sangeetha Arivazhagan - Diabetologist DGO, MBBS, PGDHS Diabetes, MD(Med), MHSc. diab. 20 years experience
Dr. GURUPRASAD UDUPI, Diabetology, Vidyaranyapura - Bangalore
Dr. GURUPRASAD UDUPI - Diabetologist D.DIAB (AIMS), FEG, MBBS, MD(Med), MHSc. diab. 9 years experience
Dr. Gopinath T M, Diabetology, Ambattur Industrial Estate - Chennai
Dr. Gopinath T M - Diabetologist M.B.B.S, P.G.D.H.S, MBBS, MD(Med), MHSc. diab. 13 years experience
Dr. SELVAKUMAR. P, Diabetology, Shenoy Nagar - Chennai
Dr. SELVAKUMAR. P - Diabetologist M.D., P.G.D.H.S, MBBS, MD(Med), MHSc. diab. 13 years experience
Dr. Dr P K Sardar, Diabetology, Bowbazar - Kolkata
Dr. Dr P K Sardar - Diabetologist DTM&H, MBBS, MBBS, MD(Med), MHSc. diab. 34 years experience
Dr. ASLAM ABBAS, Diabetology, Purana Haveli - Hyderabad
Dr. ASLAM ABBAS - Diabetologist MBBS, MD, MBBS, MD(Med), MHSc. diab. 2 years experience
Dr. AHMED UROOJ, Diabetology, Manikonda - Hyderabad
Dr. AHMED UROOJ - Diabetologist B.S.M. in Medicine And General Physician, MD, MBBS, MD(Med), MHSc. diab. 8 years experience