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Diet Consultant Doctors (Dietician-Nutritionists)

Diet consultant

Diet consultant creates and develops programs to educate their patients regarding healthy and balanced diet. The specialty falls under two main categories - dieticians and nutritionists. Both are expert in food and nutrition. The nutritionists plan the nutritional programs to assist in maintaining good health and a Dietician prepares a balanced diet chart to control a particular disease.

Diseases and disorders

A diet consultant helps to control any kind of disease by providing a balanced diet chart. They work with other healthcare professional to create nutritional programs based on the health needs of patients.

Medication would prove to be ineffective, if the diet is not proper, as unbalanced and unhealthy diet triggers the disease and slows the process of recovery. For instance, diabetic won't be able to control the sugar level if he keeps on having the foods and fluids with high level of sugar. Diabetes diet along with medication would help control the glucose level. Balanced diet is very important for an obese patient for weight loss. Diet consultants prepare the diet chart that is highly nutritious but low in calories.

Dietetition administer a nutritional assessment for the patients, also educate them regarding balanced diet. They develop the diet plans that meet the patient’s needs and requirements.

A diet consultant mainly -
• Explains nutrition issues
• Determines patients and clients health diet and needs
• Prepare meal plans (taking clients preferences into account)
• Evaluates the effects of diet plans and accordingly make changes in the plan
• Promotes better nutrition by educating the patients about diet, nutrition, and the relationship between healthy diet and managing specific disease

When to call diet consultant
Diet consultants suggest the patients for a balanced diet in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. They educate them on topics related to food and nutrition. Visit the diet consultants, while coping with any kind of disease.
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Dr. NAMITA NANAL, Diet Consultant, WORLI - Mumbai
Dr. NAMITA NANAL - Dietician-Nutritionist MSc Food Science & Nutrition, PGD Sports Nutrition 6 years experience
Dr. Asmita Adsul, Diet Consultant, ANDHERI EAST - Mumbai
Dr. Asmita Adsul - Dietician-Nutritionist MD(MA), PGD Sports Nutrition 23 years experience
Dr. karan Poladia, Diet Consultant, DOMBIVALI EAST - Thane
Dr. karan Poladia - Dietician-Nutritionist Nutrition, PGD Sports Nutrition 10 years experience
Dr. VRUSHALI VAZE, Diet Consultant, VASHI - Navi-mumbai
Dr. VRUSHALI VAZE - Dietician-Nutritionist B.Hsc Nutrition, P.G.D in Dietitics 18 years experience
Dr. Minal M Shah(B A M S), Diet Consultant, VASHI - Navi-mumbai
Dr. Minal M Shah(B A M S) - Dietician-Nutritionist BAMS, P.G.D in Dietitics 20 years experience
Dr. Jamuna Neelamegan, Diet Consultant, CHAMARAJPET - Bangalore
Dr. Jamuna Neelamegan - Dietician-Nutritionist BNYT, DND (Bachelor in naturo therapy and yogic therapy and dieti, MD(MA) 18 years experience
Dr. Ketki Itraj, Diet Consultant, SAHAKAR NAGAR - Bangalore
Dr. Ketki Itraj - Dietician-Nutritionist BNYT, DND (Bachelor in naturo therapy and yogic therapy and dieti, MD(MA) 11 years experience
Dr. Varsha T, Diet Consultant, DR THIRUMURTHI NAGAR, NUNGAMBAKAM  - Chennai
Dr. Varsha T - Dietician-Nutritionist Phd Nutrition, DND (Bachelor in naturo therapy and yogic therapy and dieti, MD(MA) 36 years experience
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