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An Alternative form of medicine, Homeopathy is based upon the principle that like attract the like. To put in simple words, homeopathy says that a substance which cause symptoms of a disease in a healthy person would serves as a cure for that disease in a sick person. Homeopathy is a holistic approach to cure a disease. It works in harmony with the human body and tries to remove the root cause instead of suppressing the symptoms. 

Disease and Disorders:
• Infections and allergies of all type: influenza, common cold, pneumonia, asthma, hay fever, eczema, psoriasis
• Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, back pain, migraine headaches
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Fibromyalgia
• Disorders: panic attacks, ADHD, depression, anxiety
• Digestive disorders: GERD, Heart burn, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis
• Brain diseases and disorders
Homeopathic Treatment: Homeopathy is a holistic medicine approach which makes use of animal, vegetable and certain animal preparations to cure an ailment. It is a form of medicine which treats the body as a whole. Short term and long term all types of illness have a cure in homeopathy. A homeopathic doctor first tries to fond out the underlying cause of the disease by locating the symptoms. According to homeopathy there are various factors which are responsible for disease. Lifestyle, environmental exposures, micro organisms and various physical and mental traumas are responsible for making a person sick. 
Homeopathic treatment sets a reaction in the body to correct the imbalance created by the above mentioned factors. This is done to reduce the person's susceptibility to fall prey to a disease. The law of the similars is the underlying principle for homeopathic treatment. The goal of the homeopathic treatment is to find a true care and that too naturally. The total health is restored and there is no need for further medication.
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Dr. Harleen Kaur, Homeopathy, GOREGAON EAST - Mumbai, KHAR WEST - Mumbai
Dr. Harleen Kaur - Homeophathy Doctor B.H.M.S, D.D.N 9 years experience
Dr. S. L. PATIL, Homeopathy, KAMOTHE - Navi-mumbai, KHARGHAR - Navi-mumbai, MATUNGA EAST - Mumbai
Dr. S. L. PATIL - Homeophathy Doctor B.H.A., D.D.N 42 years experience
Dr. Prasad Sinalkar, Homeopathy, NAUPADA - Thane
Dr. Prasad Sinalkar - Homeophathy Doctor B.H.M.S, D.D.N 12 years experience
Dr. SHEETAL JAIN NANAL - Homeophathy Doctor B.H.M.S, P.G.M 19 years experience
Dr. S. L. PATIL, Homeopathy, KAMOTHE - Navi-mumbai, KHARGHAR - Navi-mumbai, MATUNGA EAST - Mumbai
Dr. S. L. PATIL - Homeophathy Doctor B.H.A., medecine 42 years experience
Dr. SHAHNAZ KHAN, Homeopathy, NERUL EAST - Navi-mumbai
Dr. SHAHNAZ KHAN - Homeophathy Doctor Bachelor in Homeopathy, Cosmetology, Diet & Nutrition 12 years experience
Dr. NEERAJ PASRICHA - Homeophathy Doctor M.D.(HOMEO), Cosmetology, Diet & Nutrition 37 years experience
Dr. Naveen Chandra Pandey, Homeopathy, HALDWANI - Delhi
Dr. Naveen Chandra Pandey - Homeophathy Doctor BHMS, Cosmetology, Diet & Nutrition 23 years experience
Dr. JOSY JOY, Homeopathy, ULSOOR - Bangalore
Dr. JOSY JOY - Homeophathy Doctor B.H.M.S, Cosmetology, Diet & Nutrition 18 years experience
Dr. Lonappan, Homeopathy, R T NAGAR - Bangalore
Dr. Lonappan - Homeophathy Doctor Alternative Medical Practioner, Cosmetology, Diet & Nutrition 41 years experience
Dr. Dr.R.L.Prabhu, Homeopathy, CHROMPET - Chennai
Dr. Dr.R.L.Prabhu - Homeophathy Doctor BHMS, Cosmetology, Diet & Nutrition 13 years experience
Dr. L Kannan, Homeopathy, KK NAGAR - Chennai
Dr. L Kannan - Homeophathy Doctor B.H.M.S, BHMS, Diet & Nutrition 21 years experience
Dr. Ratna Pal, Homeopathy, BIDHAN NAGAR - Kolkata, DURGA MAIDAN - Kolkata, GARCHUMUK - Kolkata, KOLKOTTA - Kolkata, NEAR PETROL PUMP  - Kolkata
Dr. Ratna Pal - Homeophathy Doctor BHMS, BHMS, Diet & Nutrition 2019 years experience
Dr. Gangi Shetty Vijaya Kumar, Homeopathy, MALAKPET - Hyderabad
Dr. Gangi Shetty Vijaya Kumar - Homeophathy Doctor Md In Homeopathy, BHMS, Diet & Nutrition 46 years experience
Dr. Srikanth Pilli, Homeopathy, MALKAJGIRI - Hyderabad
Dr. Srikanth Pilli - Homeophathy Doctor M.D [Hom], P.G hom London, Diet & Nutrition 14 years experience
Dr. HIMMAT RAY SHARMA, Homeopathy, JAIPUR - Jaipur
Dr. HIMMAT RAY SHARMA - Homeophathy Doctor B.H.M.S, P.G hom London, Diet & Nutrition 13 years experience

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