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Internal Medicine Doctors (Internists)

What is internal medicine?
Internal medicine is field in medicine, which deals with prevention, diagnosis and treatments of adult diseases. Doctors specialized in internal medicine are called internists. Internists focus their practice on general medicine but they can do additional studies in one of thirteen areas of internal medicine.
Internal medicine subspecialties include adolescent medicine, allergy and immunology, cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, haematology, infectious disease, nephrology, oncology, pulmonology, rheumatology and sports medicine.
Diseases and conditions
Internal medicine specialist can treat all kind of adult diseases like diabetes, liver disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, thyroid etc. for example, if patient is suffering with infectious disease then internist who is infectious disease specialist can treat it.
Treatments and diagnosis

Internal medicine specialist usually treats diseases and disorders by medication, but many times they administer surgical treatments if required. Internal medicine specialist is mainly focused on the art of diagnosis and treatment with medication, but many times internist can administer surgical treatments. Internal medicine specialist gives following treatments:

• Cardiac treatments: They prescribe medications for heart and blood vessel disorders and diseases
• Endocrinology treatment: they treat hormonal disorders and problems. They treat all endocrinology systems.
• Treatments for infectious disease: infectious disease specialist treats all kind of infectious disease caused by bacteria, fungus or virus.
• Hospital medicine: Internal medicine specialists prescribe hospital medicines for hospitalized patients.
• Sports medicine: Internal medicine doctors give medications, treatment and preventive measures for injuries related to sports and exercise.

When to call internal medicine doctor?
You can consult internal medicine specialist whenever you need medication treatments for any disease. If you don’t want surgical procedures for your health problem which can be treated with medication you should consult internal medicine doctor. Other than these diseases patient can consult internal medicine specialist for following health problems:
• Diabetes
• Chest pain
• Thyroid disorders
• Hormonal problem
• Infectious diseases
• Kidney problems
• Gastric problems

Internal medicine specialist treats many other diseases other than above mentioned diseases.
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Dr. SAURABH JAIN, Internal Medicine, GIRGAUM - Mumbai, MALABAR HILL - Mumbai
Dr. SAURABH JAIN - Internist D.N.B. (Medicine) 10 years experience
Dr. MEHTA SHAILESH, Internal Medicine, GRANT ROAD - Mumbai
Dr. MEHTA SHAILESH - Internist M.D. ( MEDICINE) .FC.C.P.F.I.C.A. 39 years experience
Dr. Sharad Jadhav, Internal Medicine, BHIWANDI - Thane
Dr. Sharad Jadhav - Internist MD ( Internal Mediicine) 16 years experience
Dr. Arun Kamble, Internal Medicine, FATIMA NAGAR - Pune
Dr. Arun Kamble - Internist M.D. ( MEDICINE) .FC.C.P.F.I.C.A. 29 years experience
Dr. Suresh Nayak (Fatima Nagar), Internal Medicine, FATIMA NAGAR - Pune
Dr. Suresh Nayak (Fatima Nagar) - Internist MD (MEDICINE) 11 years experience
Dr. Sangita Ghanate, Internal Medicine, NEW PANVEL - Navi-mumbai
Dr. Sangita Ghanate - Internist MD ( Internal Mediicine) 24 years experience
Dr. Anand Chaudhari, Internal Medicine, SECTOR 10 - Navi-mumbai
Dr. Anand Chaudhari - Internist MD ( Internal Mediicine) 5 years experience
Dr. PANKAJ SHAH, Internal Medicine, AMBAVADI - Ahmedabad
Dr. PANKAJ SHAH - Internist MD (INTERNAL MEDICINE) 34 years experience
Dr. Alok Lodh, Internal Medicine, BHIKAJI CAMA PLACE - Delhi
Dr. Alok Lodh - Internist MBBS, MBBS, DNB-GENERAL MEDICINE 28 years experience
Dr. ANIL MALCHANDA, Internal Medicine, BALI NAGAR - Delhi
Dr. Biswambhar Agarwal, Internal Medicine, SALT LAKE CITY-
Dr. Biswambhar Agarwal - Internist MBBS, DNB-GENERAL MEDICINE, MD (INTERNAL MEDICINE) 31 years experience
Dr. Dr Rama Reddy, Internal Medicine, UPPAL - Hyderabad
Dr. Dr Rama Reddy - Internist M.D, MD (INTERNAL MEDICINE) 16 years experience
Dr. NAGESWARA RAO A, Internal Medicine, MADHAPUR - Hyderabad
Dr. NAGESWARA RAO A - Internist DFID-Diabetology ( CMC vellore), MBBS, DNB-GENERAL MEDICINE 16 years experience
Dr. Raminder Singh, Internal Medicine, CIVIL LINES
 - Lucknow
Dr. Raminder Singh - Internist MD (MEDICINE), MBBS, DNB-GENERAL MEDICINE 32 years experience

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