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Neuro Surgery Doctors (Neuro Surgeons)

What is Neuro Surgery?

Neuro surgery is concerned with the surgery of nervous system. It is a medical specialty related to diagnosis and treatment of patients with disorder in spinal cord, peripheral nerves, spinal column and brain. Neuro surgeons perform the surgery for both adults and child patients. They treat the patients with surgical or non-surgical care including spinal and brain neurosurgery etc. depending upon the nature of disease or injury.

Disease and conditions

• Spinal disc herniation – a condition in which spinal cord is affected due to trauma and lifting injuries.
• Hydrocephalus – abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles (cavities) of the brain.
• Spinal stenosis – narrowing of the spinal canal in any areas of the spine, results in neurological deficit.
• Head trauma – severe injury to head.
• Spinal cord trauma – refers to any of the physical injury caused by body wound.
Traumatic injuries of peripheral nervous system – injury to nerves and ganglia outside the spinal cord and brain.
Lumbar spinal stenosis – a medical condition in which the spinal canal is narrowed, which compresses the spinal cord and nerves to the level of the lumbar vertebra.
• Tumors of the spinal cord, spine and peripheral nerves
Infections – tissues of body are reacted to micro-organisms like prions, viruses, bacteria, fungi, viroids, and macroparasites, producing the   toxins, which results in infections.
Vascular malformations of spinal cord and brain.
Intracerebral hemorrhage like interdepartmental, subarachnoid and intracellular hemorrhages
• Several of intractable psychiatric disorders.
Cranial and peripheral nerve pain and pain of trauma and cancer.
• Moyamoya disease

Tests, Treatment, Drugs and Diagnosis
Methods used by neuro surgeons in neurosurgical diagnosis and treatment include MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT (computer assisted imaging computed tomography), MEG (magnetoencephlography), PET (positron emission tomography) and the stereotactic surgery.

Neurosurgeon uses the stereotactic radiosurgery methods to treat AVM and tumor. Endoscopic surgery is utilized to cure pituitary tumors, chordomas, craniopharyngiomas and cerebrospinal fluid leaks. For the treatment of aneurysms, stenosis, spinal malformations, and vasospasms, few neuro surgeons utilize endovascular image guided procedures.

When to call Neurosurgeon?

Knock the door of best neurologist for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. These disorders may adversely affect any portion of the nervous system including spinal cord, brain and peripheral nerves.
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Dr. PRASANNA PATANKAR - Neuro Surgeon D.N.B. Neuro Surgery, MS, WFNS Fellow Japan 22 years experience
Dr. PANCHAL VENILAL GULABBHAI - Neuro Surgeon M.S. GENERAL SURGERY, M.S. NEUROSURGERY, WFNS Fellow Japan 45 years experience
Dr. Sanjay. J. Pawar, Neuro Surgery, KOREGAON PARK - Pune, PUNE CITY - Pune, SHIVAJI NAGAR - Pune, WAKAD - Pune
Dr. Sanjay. J. Pawar - Neuro Surgeon M.B.B.S., M.CH (NERO SURGEON), MS 26 years experience
Dr. Praveen Sharma, Neuro Surgery, BHOSARI - Pune
Dr. Praveen Sharma - Neuro Surgeon DNB, M.CH (NERO SURGEON), MS 16 years experience
Dr. ACHARYA, Neuro Surgery, VASHI - Navi-mumbai
Dr. ACHARYA - Neuro Surgeon M.C.H., M.CH (NERO SURGEON), MS 28 years experience
Dr. Dhruv Chaturvedi, Neuro Surgery, NEHRU NAGAR - Delhi, RAJOURI GARDEN - Delhi
Dr. Dhruv Chaturvedi - Neuro Surgeon M.CH (NERO SURGEON), M.CH (NERO SURGEON), MS 17 years experience
Dr. Pratap Kumar Pani, Neuro Surgery, SARJAPUR ROAD - Bangalore
Dr. Pratap Kumar Pani - Neuro Surgeon M.B.B.S., M.CH (NERO SURGEON), M.S. NEUROSURGERY 28 years experience
Dr. Arvind Bhateja, Neuro Surgery, LANGFORD GARDEN - Bangalore
Dr. Arvind Bhateja - Neuro Surgeon MBBS MS Mch, M.CH (NERO SURGEON), M.S. NEUROSURGERY 16 years experience

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