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Orthopedic Surgery Doctors (Orthopedic Surgeons)

What is orthopedic surgery?

Orthopedic surgery is concerned with the conditions associated with musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments). Orthopedic doctor performs the surgery to treat sports injuries, infections, degenerative disease, tumors and congenital disorders.

Disease and conditions
Orthopedic surgery doctors perform the surgery to treat the disease and injuries like:
• Joints fracture
• Tendon injuries
• Nerves disease
• Torn ligaments
• Pulled muscles
• Ruptured discs
• Bone disorders
• Low back pain
• Scoliosis
• Sciatica
• Bunions and hammer toes
• Knock knees or bow legs
• Doctors also treat the children with bone tumors and the babies born with birth abnormalities like club foot, abnormal toes and fingers, unequal leg length and hip dislocation.

Tests, Treatment, Drugs and Diagnosis
Hand and Wrist surgeries – Wrist arthroscopy surgery is performed to get relief from some causes of wrist pain. During the procedure, a small camera is inserted into the joint. Then miniature instrument is inserted to remove and repair the damaged structure. Finger joint replacement is a surgery performed to remove the damaged, arthritic finger joint and then it is replaced with an artificial implant.

Hip and Knee surgeries - Orthopedic doctors perform the surgery for the treatment of hip and knee. The surgeries include arthroscopic knee surgery, arthroscopic surgery for torn meniscus, knee surgery, microfracture, ACI (auto chondrocyte implantation, ACL reconstructive surgery, cartilage transfer surgery and lateral release of the patella.

Shoulder and elbow surgeries – Surgeries performed to solve the problems related to shoulder and elbow includes arthroscopic elbows surgery, shoulder replacement surgery, shoulder arthroscopy, reverse shoulder replacement surgery, tommy john surgery, shoulder chondrolysis and biceps tenodesis.

Spine surgery - Several surgeries are preformed to treat the problems related to spine. Orthopedic doctor performs the surgeries like cauda equine syndrome, lumbar disc replacement, spine fusion, IDET (intradiscal electrothermal therapy), lumbar disc replacement, dynamic stabilization, cervical fusion surgery, and minimally invasion spine surgery.

Surgery for foot and ankle – Foot and ankle problems are treated depending upon its conditions. Treatments for the ankle and foot include stretching exercises for plantar fasciitis, athlete’s foot treatments, and ankle injury rehabilitation.

Sprains and Strain treatment
– The treatments like ice packs and wraps, wrist support, heating pad, ankle brace and compression bandages are provided to get relief from sprains.

When to call orthopedic doctor?
Consult the orthopedic surgery doctor to get relief from problems related to neuromuscular and musculoskeletal system. They are specialized in repairing bone disorders including fracture and broken bones.
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Dr. ANIL PATIL, Orthopedic Surgery, KANDIVALI EAST - Mumbai
Dr. ANIL PATIL - Orthopedic Surgeon D (Orthopedic) 6 years experience
Dr. NILESH C TALWALKAR, Orthopedic Surgery, ANDHERI EAST - Mumbai, BANDRA EAST - Mumbai, COLABA - Mumbai, GRANT ROAD - Mumbai, NEW MARINE LINES - Mumbai
Dr. NILESH C TALWALKAR - Orthopedic Surgeon D.N.B.(Orth), M.R.C.S.(Edinburgh), MBBS, MNAMS(Orth) 20 years experience
Dr. SHAH C.T., Orthopedic Surgery, GHATKOPAR EAST - Thane
Dr. SHAH C.T. - Orthopedic Surgeon M. S ( ORTHO ), M.R.C.S.(Edinburgh), MBBS, MNAMS(Orth) 41 years experience
Dr. SUDHIR THADKE, Orthopedic Surgery, MIRA ROAD - Thane
Dr. SUDHIR THADKE - Orthopedic Surgeon D.N.B., D.Ortho., M.B.B.S., MNAMS(Orth) 10 years experience
Dr. Anant E Bagul, Orthopedic Surgery, PARVATI - Pune
Dr. Anant E Bagul - Orthopedic Surgeon M.S., D.Ortho., M.B.B.S., MNAMS(Orth) 39 years experience
Dr. Rohit Luthra, Orthopedic Surgery, KONDHWA - Pune
Dr. Rohit Luthra - Orthopedic Surgeon M.B.B.S, M.N.A, M.S Ortho., N.D.B Ortho 12 years experience
Dr. DEEPAK PUROHIT, Orthopedic Surgery, PANVEL - Navi-mumbai
Dr. DEEPAK PUROHIT - Orthopedic Surgeon M.S. (Ortho), M.N.A, M.S Ortho., N.D.B Ortho 33 years experience
Dr. SIDDHARTH YADAV, Orthopedic Surgery, VASHI - Navi-mumbai
Dr. SIDDHARTH YADAV - Orthopedic Surgeon Fellowship in Joint replacement Surgeries (USA & Germany), M.S., M.S Ortho., N.D.B Ortho 6 years experience
Dr. GAURAV RATHI, Orthopedic Surgery, SATELLITE - Ahmedabad
Dr. GAURAV RATHI - Orthopedic Surgeon M.S, Ortho, M.S Ortho., N.D.B Ortho 2019 years experience
Dr. Milan Seth, Orthopedic Surgery, GURUKUL ROAD - Ahmedabad
Dr. Milan Seth - Orthopedic Surgeon M.S (0rtho)., Ortho, M.S Ortho., N.D.B Ortho 16 years experience
Dr. Ritesh Dang, Orthopedic Surgery, PRASHANT VIHAR - Delhi, SHALIMAR BAGH - Delhi
Dr. Ritesh Dang - Orthopedic Surgeon M.B.B.S, M.C.H ortho, M.S Ortho., N.D.B Ortho 17 years experience
Dr. RITABH KUMAR, Orthopedic Surgery, NEW DELHI - Delhi
Dr. RITABH KUMAR - Orthopedic Surgeon M.Ch (Trauma), M.S. (Ortho), M.S Ortho., N.D.B Ortho 18 years experience
Dr. RAVI KIRAN, Orthopedic Surgery, BASAVESHWARA NAGAR - Bangalore
Dr. RAVI KIRAN - Orthopedic Surgeon D.N.B, M.S in Ortho, M.S Ortho., N.D.B Ortho 16 years experience
Dr. Deepak Sharan, Orthopedic Surgery, JAYANAGAR 4TH BLOCK - Bangalore
Dr. Deepak Sharan - Orthopedic Surgeon Dip. Ortho, DNB ortho, M Sc. Orthopaedic, MBBS (JIPMER), MS Ortho (JIPMER) 28 years experience
Dr. Jayaprakash, Orthopedic Surgery, RAJA ANNAMALAI PURAM - Chennai
Dr. Jayaprakash - Orthopedic Surgeon MBBS DNB ortho, DNB ortho, M Sc. Orthopaedic, MBBS (JIPMER), MS Ortho (JIPMER) 9 years experience
Dr. S Veerakumar, Orthopedic Surgery, ANNA NAGAR - Chennai
Dr. S Veerakumar - Orthopedic Surgeon M. S in Ortho, DNB ortho, M Sc. Orthopaedic, MBBS (JIPMER), MS Ortho (JIPMER) 24 years experience
Dr. S. ANJAIAH, Orthopedic Surgery, KOTHAPET - Hyderabad
Dr. S. ANJAIAH - Orthopedic Surgeon M.S. ORTHOPAEDICS, DNB ortho, M Sc. Orthopaedic, MBBS (JIPMER), MS Ortho (JIPMER) 24 years experience
Dr. B.VALYA, Orthopedic Surgery, KPHB COLONY - Hyderabad
Dr. B.VALYA - Orthopedic Surgeon JOINT REPLACEMENt Surgeon, MBBS, MS ortho, MBBS (JIPMER), MS Ortho (JIPMER) 25 years experience
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