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Pathology Doctors (Pathologists)

Pathology is a study and diagnosis of disease through examination of body tissues organs and bodily fluids. It is a science of origin, nature and course of diseases. Medical practitioners specialized in diagnoses of diseases by examining biopsies are known as pathologists.

Disorders and conditions
Doctors recommends for pathology test to analyse and identify the cause and severity of the disease.

Tests and diagnosis
Several pathological tests are performed in the pathology lab to identify the presence of disease. Pathologists study medial laboratory tests to help the patients to prevent diseases and illnesses or monitor a chronic condition. Blood, urine, other bodily fluids and stool tests are the most common test performed by the pathologist in pathology laboratory.

Specialities of pathology performing tests –

Anatomical pathology – It is the microscopic study of body’s organs and tissues to detect the cause and determine the effects of a particular disease.

Clinical pathology – A medical science concerned with diagnosis of diseases by performing bodily fluids tests such as blood and urine.

Dermatopathology – It is concerned with the skin problems. Tests are performed focusing on the skin as an organ.

Hematopathology – The tests are performed to study the diseases of blood cells including white blood cells, platelets and red blood tests.

Molecular pathology – It focuses on the study and diagnosis of disease by examining molecules within organs, tissues or bodily fluids.

Oral and Maxillofacial pathology – This speciality focuses on study and diagnosis of diseases that affect the oral cavity surrounding the maxillofacial structures.

When to call pathologist?

Pathologists are consulted to diagnose the diseases by examination of tissues and bodily fluids of the body. They are consulted when your doctors asks to get some tests done.

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