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Pediatrics Surgery Doctors (Pediatrics Surgeons)

Pediatric surgery is a subspecialty of surgery related to surgery of infants, fetus, children, adolescents and young adults. It is performed to treat and diagnose the diseases, malfunctions and trauma of the children, fetus and adolescents.

Diseases and diagnosis
Paediatric surgery is performed to treat the following paediatric diseases and disorders such as:

Congenital malformation
• Lymphanigoma – A medial condition caused by malformation of the lymphatic system that involves the skin and subcutaneous tissues.
• Cleft lip and palate - These are the birth defects, affecting the upper lip and roof of the mouth. It is caused by incomplete development of tissues of mouth or lips during the early fetal formation.
• Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis – Also known as Pyloric stenosis, it is condition that may affect the gastrointestinal tract during infancy, resulting to narrowing of the pylorus.
• Necrotizing enterocolitis – It occurs in premature babies, characterized by death of lining of the intestinal wall, which causes tissues to fall off.
• ntestinal atresia – It is a malformation, when a portion of intestine fails to form completely, especially the lower part of the small intestine (ileum).
• Meconium plugs – The disorder refers to a functional colonic obstruction in a newborn baby, which is caused by an obstruction of meconium   plug. 
• Imperforate anus – A congenital defect in which anus opening is blocked or missing.
• Hirschsprung’s disease – It is a blockage of the large intestine caused by improper muscle movement in the bowel.
• Undescended testes – A condition in which baby boy is born without one or both testicles in their scrotum.
• Esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistula –  A rare birth defect in which a baby is born without a part of esophagus (tube that carries food from mouth to the stomach) and trachea (tube that carry air to the lungs).

 Abdominal wall defects
• Gastroschisis  - A congenital defect caused by a defect in the anterior abdominal wall.
• Omphalocele – It is a medical condition in which the intestines, liver and sometimes other organs are located outside the abdomen in a sac because of abnormal development of abdominal wall muscles.
• Hernias – It is a condition in which organ protrude through the wall of a cavity that contains it.

Pectus excavatum
It is a deformity of the anterior chest wall characterized by abnormal growth of several ribs and sternum.

Separation of conjoined twins

Tests, treatments, drugs and diagnose

Surgery is performed by the paediatric surgeon after diagnosing the causes of disorder and disease in fetus, infants and children.

When to call paediatric surgeon?
Paediatric surgeon is consulted to treat and diagnose the childhood diseases, malfunctions and disorders.
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